Dear Editor,
Experience and knowledge are indisputable assets in most any enterprise and are the underpinning for success. However in  politics it hardly ever works that way, evidence the very poor rating of the United States Congress and the  Alabama Legislature. Their creditability in most all surveys is  near the bottom, and there is an obvious  reason  for this.
In our system of government, the political bodies under our constitution make the laws that govern themselves, as well as the rest  of us, and  this is where  the rub is, in making laws  for themselves. History has  shown  that once the well-meaning citizen gets elected to these governing bodies and experiences the power of the office.
With all the perks and benefits available to them, many begin to forget why the folks back home put them there. When exposed to all the many ways to enrich  themselves, once they  become experienced in how to gather the  largess available to them, the mission  of governing  sorta takes a  back  seat to: ‘How can I keep my seat here and how can I increase my take’.  All this results in gridlock and corruption. Typical of the Alabama legislature.
Legislators set their own salary and expenses. Not much  oversight  here. Legislators make the laws that govern  the ethics commission who is suppose to insure that they act in an  ethical manner, This too is self serving as they are free to create loop holes for themselves, such as the very lax reporting  standards of just who are they taking things of value from, and no limit campaign finance  contributions.
Consulting contracts for clients , some of which are reported  to pay in  6 figures leaves the  average citizen to wonder , how did we let our governing process get so far from what our fore-fathers envisioned. Well it doesn’t take a Philadelphia lawyer to see that  career legislators don’t benefit the people, only themselves and their benafactors, It’s time for a  change.
Senators Cruz and  DeSantis, in the U.S.  Senate, have  introduced a constitutional amendment to set term  limits  for congress at three two year terms for House members and  two six year terms for Senators. Alabama  needs to do the same starting with the next session of our legislature and we the people should get behind it.
Slaton  Crawford