Wright’s Market to begin trial run of home delivery service May 2

Jimmy Wright, owner of Wright’s Market on Pleasant Drive, recently announced his plans to implement a home delivery service next month. Wright said the tentative date for a trial run of the ‘Wright 2 U Delivery Service’ is May 2. 

Wright’s has offered its customers a shuttle service for two years – giving customers who do not have transportation to and from the market a way to shop for groceries. Wright said expanding their customer service program is a way for his store to keep up with advancing technology.

When the trial run begins, photos and prices of all Wright’s Market inventory will be listed on www.wrightsmarkets.com. Customers will be able to shop for their groceries, including fresh produce and meat, add products to a virtual shopping cart, pay online and choose a delivery option and time. Those who are able to come to store and want the curbside pick-up option will pay a $4.95 fee. Those who choose to have their purchase delivered to their home will pay a $9.95 fee. Wright said he will most likely hold a 30 or 60 day trial period, during which the fees will be waived.  “All the pricing that we offer on the website will be the pricing that we offer in the store, our advertised specials that we have each week will all be available online,” Wright said. “Our folks will pick it, assemble it, ring it up, bill you for it, put it in your car in front of the store or bring it to your house. The thing about it too, is the people you see in our store are the people you will see delivering your groceries. We’re going to do that with our in-store employees. This is not hiring a third-party or something like that.” 

Wright said the idea to add this service was born from the desire to help his customers, as well as a smart business move. “Certainly, from an economic side, we saw it as a business opportunity to increase our sales,” Wright said. “But you also look at with all the time-saving devices we have today, with cellphones and all the stuff that’s supposed to make life easier, that most families are more pressed for time than ever. So you see this as a service also to be able to help people in their lives with their busy schedules. There’s doing business and there is helping people with a real challenge in their lives, and that’s getting groceries.” 

Wright said he is working with Media Solutions Corporation of Phoenix, Ariz. to design a platform that makes online shopping and home delivery easy for his customers. “The thing I’m most encouraged about is the people developing this are grocery people. They understand the grocery business first, I’ve worked with them for a couple years on my website, and they are super people … long term, seasoned grocery people, so they understand our business first, and they understand serving the customer first. They’re just put the technology pieces in place to support this.”  

Wright’s Market is located at 603 Pleasant Drive. For more information about Wright’s, visit www.wrightsmarkets.com or find the business on Facebook.