By Fred Woods

Historic old Oak Bowery United Methodist Church has always “done church”  the traditional way, but declining church attendance has led them to think about other ways to worship and witness to the community. As they are accustomed to “traditional” worship, they sincerely want to know what others are looking for in a church. So they invite you to come meet with them and share your ideas as they explore and attempt to design a church experience that will come closer to meeting the needs of more people in the community.
Their goal is a church that will be be more inclusive and more “user friendly”. They invite you to help them attain that. Please come share with them on Monday, March 16, 2015 at 6 p.m. (CT) at Oak Bowery United Methodist. Help them design the best method for the church to meet its twofold mission of worship and serving others. We have a great story, the greatest story ever told; how do we tell it in the most effective manner to the most people possible?
Please come help them. The church is 13 miles south of Lafayette Courthouse on US Hwy. 431. From Opelika, it is 8 miles north of Southern Union Community College and Opelika High School on US Hwy. 431. Come be a part of starting something new and exciting. For more information or suggestions please call Bill Parker at 459-0214 or 518-9122 or email