It has often been said that you can’t un-ring a bell.

That is true.

What you can do is ring another bell and hope someone out there will listen.

Last week, an errant headline implied charges had been filed with the state ethics commission against Lee County Probate Judge Bill English and county elections manager Butch Brock.

No such charges have been filed.

In fact, thus far, no evidence has been produced to prove that Brock solicited citizens on English’s behalf during his normal working hours.

If you read the article we wrote, you may have understood that.

But, in the era of headline skimming and lessened attention spans, headlines can sometimes matter more.

We apologize for the mistake and we hope to undo some of the confusion it may have caused here.

We strive constantly for perfection, and like all of us, we sometimes fall short.

Our apologies to any and all for the mistake and we promise to be more vigilant against such things in the future.