Whether you’re experienced in the game of PickleBall or a first-timer, the Dink and Volley Pickleball store is here to cater to consumers’ pickleball needs.
Owner Deirdre Hill said that the pickleball boutique will open in early October in Opelika. Pickleball is a very popular sport in the Opelika-Auburn community and this boutique hopes to serve all of its needs for the game. The store will offer equipment, clothing, pickleball-specific materials and everything that has to do with the pickleball lifestyle.
“We’re offering an entire range, whether you’re a seasoned player or know nothing about pickleball,” Hill said. “We will have the equipment the paddles and the balls we will have clothing apparel, across the board that can be worn for tennis or golf but we will have pickleball specifics, and we will have everything that has to do with the pickleball lifestyle. For example, candles to books to glasses, everything you can think of that you didn’t know you needed. Journals and party accessories a pro shop and a gift shop, we will be able to offer to anyone who is interested in pickleball.”
The Dink and Volley Pickleball team makes sure to stay active in pickleball tournaments in the Opelika community and competed in its first pickleball tournament on Sept. 12.
Dink and Volley Pickleball encourages those with no experience with the game to come to and visit the store, and the employee will able to help you. For readers who may not know what the game of pickleball Hill explained the purpose of the game and how it should be played.
“Pickleball is a cross between tennis and badminton invented in 1965, played on a smaller court than tennis, and if you are a first timer you can play pickleball even if you do not have professional training,” Hill said. “You can play a match in less than an hour. This game will not physically hurt you, and if you want to go out and play it’s an easy game to pick up the rules are easy. It’s a fun game.”
The Opelika Sportsplex has 24 courts for people who are interested in playing the game. It hosts about five tournaments each year. Players range from people who have never played before and are in a wide age range.
“There’s a stigma that pickleball is an old person’s game,” Hill said. “Although, it’s not terribly physical, up until this year the largest growing demographic was 65 and older, [but] now the demographic is 19 and 35 years old.”
The owner of Dink and Volley Pickleball said that she foresees her most popular item at the boutique will be the paddles and the equipment for the people new to the game. Working with the paddle manufacturers in South Florida the business took its time trying to perfect the details.
“For the experienced gamers, I’m hoping that it will be the fun lifestyle things, that they haven’t had the opportunity to buy ever like T-shirts, sweatshirts and seasonal things,” Hill said. “This store will cater to all of your pickleball needs.”
This boutique doesn’t have a grand opening scheduled yet, but hopes to open within two weeks. To stay updated on information concerning this new boutique in Opelika, follow it on Instagram and Facebook ‘Dink and Volley Pickleball’.