Special to the
Opelika Observer

The future of wellness has arrived in Opelika through THE7FLOW, a new business which recently opened in its first studio at 705 Ave. D.
The 7FLOW will serve as a parent company for THE7FLOW OPK, which offers a comprehensive array of wellness classes to the public, private 1-on-1 sessions and laboratory for product development.
The studio’s goal is to relieve the discord and disconnection people are experiencing while living in this fast paced digital age. THE7FLOW is for all people regardless of age, gender or religious beliefs. All classes involve recalibrating one’s energy to the level of the heart. The result is a feeling of lightness and harmony in one’s body and increased ability to handle stress with ease.
Started on the West Coast by businesswoman Aubrey Nicole, it was a one-woman operation before Opelika resident and former Inner Sunshine Yoga owner Kalyani Sotelo contacted Aubrey Nicole about the training.
Through weekly online meetings the two bonded over a shared devotion to to help elevate people and to relieve the dullness and disconnection they were seeing in the people around them.
After Kalyani completed the eight-week course, the two keep up their weekly meetings and eventually decided it would be best to join forces. In January 2018, Nicole and Sotelo officially became business partners despite having never met in person.
During the next year, Sotelo added her input and updated the training manual. She also worked closely with DJ Taz Rashid, a Chicago-based music producer with a global presence to produce original music.
Based on the core tenants of THE7FLOW’s mission of accessibly, universality and efficiency, Sotelo set out to create short but effective fitness classes. Many people told Sotelo that they were afraid to try yoga or did not have time practice it. However, these classes have their roots in yoga and are meticulous about positive alignment but are different from yoga practiced today.
“Forget about extreme flexibility too, it’s not necessary. The classes offered at THE7FLOW OPK are all about feeling good, aligning with love, and aim to keep you highly functional in all aspects of your life,” Sotelo said. “Anyone of any fitness level can easily participate because by design it’s adaptable.”
“What we have is a comprehensive wellness system from movement to stillness to weight management that is time efficient and free of complications, beliefs and extremely fun. Anyone can participate, and our methods have been scientifically proven to give more benefits and faster results than traditional forms of exercise, yoga and weightless programs. This is the future of fitness and wellness and we’re building in our laboratory here in Opelika,” Sotelo added.
All classes are 28 minutes long. To round out the wellness program, Sotelo designed 7nourish, a fat-loss program that does not involve meal plans, shakes or calorie restriction.
Currently, classes are being offered at the studio at a deeply reduced rate to give their newly trained guides an opportunity to refine their skills. 7flow teacher’s training is available online. THE7FLOW is also in the process of building a platform to offer all classes online as well.
“We believe this is in alignment with our core values in making these life elevating classes available to everyone regardless of location or financial income levels. The small fee for the online classes will be very affordable,” Sotelo said.
Sotelo is also developing a fitness program for those suffering from neurological diseases such as parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis using functional movements. The classes are free but a commitment of being there twice a week is required. Based on preliminary results of this test group, the studio will be seeking to partner with universities to develop a research project to measure outcomes of the program.
A grand-opening celebration is slated for March 30.
For more information, contact Sotelo by email at kalyani@the7flow.com.