Welcome to the new Opelika Observer website

OpelikaObserver.com New Home Page
OpelikaObserver.com weather page

The new Opelika Observer site launched Sept. 23, with a bold new user experience and additional content. The Observer’s new site includes many new features to enhance the newspaper’s online presence.

Some of the new features include additional content by section and additional photos and social media sharing tools. The new site provides users with a rich online experience of both feature stories and columnists as well as latest news and web-only content.

In addition to a weather feature in the header and on the home page, the Observer has included a full weather page including a forecast and interactive radar, wind reports and a weather blog.

Founded in 2008, the Opelika Observer’s mission is to bring in-depth coverage of local news to Opelika. In a commitment to that mission, the Observer is proud to launch the new site.

In the coming weeks, readers of the online version of the Opelika Observer will see new features, web-only content and local news with in-depth coverage exclusive to the Observer.


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