“Watters’ World” questionnaire


I sometimes watch “Watters’ World” on the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News TV. It features Jesse Watters interviewing people about politics, current events, and other such topics. I never cease  to be amazed at the ignorance displayed by so many who reasonably should know the correct answers to some of his questions. Some don’t even know the name of the governor of the state in which they live, who Joe Biden is, or what position John Kerry holds.
I’m confident that most readers of my column would fare considerably better on Watters’ World than do the majority of those being interviewed by Watters if provided the opportunity. Take the following quiz to determine if I am correct.
1. What city has recently experienced an episode of violence, burning, and looting? (a) Chicago; (b) Philadelphia; (c) Pittsburg; (d) Baltimore; (e) Memphis
2. A prominent Lee County politician is scheduled to be tried on 23 felony indictments. What legislative position does he currently hold? (a) State Auditor; (b) Speaker of the House of Representatives; (c) Secretary of State; (d) Lieutenant Governor; (e) Senate President Pro Tem
3. The person holding which of the positions in no. 2 has suggested that legalizing casino gambling and a lottery in Alabama could raise as much as $400 million in revenue for the state treasury?
4. John Kerry holds what position in the nation’s government? (a) Vice President; (b) Secretary of State; (c) Secretary of Defense; (d) Secretary of the Interior; (e) Secretary of the Treasury.
5. Sally Jewell holds which position listed in no. 4?
6. Which of the following is not a member of the Lee County Commission? (a) Mathan Holt; (b) Sheila Eckman (c) John A. Harris; (d) Robert Ham; (e) Johnny Lawrence
7. Bill English holds what position in Lee County? (a) Revenue Commissioner; (b) Probate Judge; (c) County Administrator; (d) Chairman of the Board of Equalization; (e) Circuit Court Judge
8. The name of what resident of Lee County appears on the judicial building in Motgomery? (a) Pete Turnham; (b) C.C. Torbert Jr.; (c) Hal Smith; (d) Jay Jones; (e) John Rice
9. Lee County resident Bennie Adkins was awarded the prestigious Medal of Honor for his bravery during the Vietnam War. What was his rank at the time? (a) Staff Sergeant; (b) Colonel; (c) Corporal; (d) Command Sergeant Major; (e) First Lieutenant
10. An Alabama legislator is an acknowledged lesbian. She resides in (a) Dothan; (b) Montgomery; (c) Huntsville; (d) Anniston; (e) Birmingham
11. “Fracking” for oil and gas is believed by some seismologists to be responsible for an increase in earthquakes in what state? (a) New  Mexico; (b) Arizona; (c) Oklahoma; (d) North Dakota; (e) Iowa
12. An earthquake has killed more than 4,000 people in (a) India; (b) Taiwan; (c) Turkey; (d) Pakistan; (e) Nepal
13. A man in Florida is hospitalized after he was bitten while kissing his “ pet” (a) alligator; (b) python; (c) cottonmouth water moccasin; (d) rattlesnake
14. Which is least likely to be rabid? (a) raccoon; (b) skunk; (c) house cat; (d) opossum; (e) bat
15. Who among the following does not have a street or highway named in his honor? (a) Pete Turnham; (b) Charles Lawler; (c) Dutch Higginbotham; (d) Mike Hubbard; (e) John Robert Dudley
Answers: 1, d;  2, b; 3, e; 4; b; 5, d; 6, a; 7, b; 8, b;  9, d; 10, e; 11, c; 12, e; 13, c; 14, d; 15, e
Scoring: 13 to 15 correct, pretty good; 10 to 12 correct, better than most; 7 to 9 correct, you’re guessing; below 7 correct, you may qualify for a “Watter’s World” interview.
Bob Mount is a Professor Emeritus with the Department of Zoology and Entomology at Auburn University. He is also chairman of the Opelika Order of Geezers, well-known local think tank and political clearing house. He writes about birds, snakes, turtles, bugs and assorted conservation topics.


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