Village Friends help make Auburn-Opelika age-friendly


By Beth Pinyerd
Opelika Observer

Have you heard of Village Friends? They are possibly your neighbors who have come together to make the Auburn-Opelika area age-friendly!
Village Friends is a community-based, self-governing, nonprofit organization that offers area seniors a support system that help them maintain their independence in their homes as long as possible.
Often, you’ll see seniors accompanied by a sweet, smiling encouraging friend who brings them to organization meetings. I met Village Friends through Lee County Low Vision Group “The Eyes Have It.”
How exactly does Village Friends make our community “age-friendly?”
Village Friends provides or helps to arrange a variety of services that meet the needs of organization members when they request assistance.
The organization relies on dedicated volunteers to fulfill these requests. All volunteers are trained. There is no charge for the volunteers’ services beyond the modest annual membership fee. When professional services are needed, Village Friends can provide referrals to a trusted contractor database.
This network for senior independence combats social isolation and loneliness by collaborating with government business and local agencies. By providing transportation, local services are improved.
Village Friends also coordinates a monthly lunch buddies and supper club programs at area restaurants. Social opportunities, programs and workshops of interest are offered several times a year by local professionals.
To be a volunteer, member or support, contact the organization’s director Mical Traynor at 334-209-4641 (office) or 423-305-9692 (cell).
Photo submitted to the Opelika Observer.


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