Two North College trees to be removed on March 24


Special to the Opelika Observer

Two trees on North College Street will soon be removed because of the risk they present to those traveling along the adjacent street and sidewalk. The trees have been monitored for multiple years, and after a recent reevaluation, the City of Auburn has determined they should be removed because of a high risk of large falling limbs.

Plans have been made to remove one of the trees on March 24. While work is being conducted, a portion of North College Street’s northbound lane will be closed. Travelers should exercise caution when driving or walking in this area. The removal of the second tree has not yet been scheduled.

The two water oak trees are suffering from significant heartwood decay, sapwood decay and damaged roots. Water oaks are prone to decay, and once that process begins, it can spread steadily. The trees have the potential to lose limbs during normal, sunny-day conditions and are even more likely to lose large limbs in the event of high winds and heavy rains.

The City of Auburn is working on a plan to plant new trees in the North College Historic District and will be hosting an open house for affected property owners in the near future. Overall in this area, the city has worked to reduce the number of planned removals and increase the number of plantings. Through this, the city is working to enhance the character of the historic district by planting new trees while also maintaining a safe environment for residents.

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