Tired of Dirt


Linda Listen! My housekeeper of 20 years is starting to have a lot of health issues and is having trouble accomplishing all that I need and am paying her for.
She is not only my housekeeper but after 20 years we have become friends. I am at the point where I want to look for someone else. What is the best way to handle this “messy” situation?
Tired of dirt in Opelika

Dear Tired of Dirt in Opelika,
I agree that you are in a “messy” situation. The hardest thing about becoming friends with someone who works for us is when it’s times to terminate that season of our lives. I think the best way to handle this is to first sit down with her and thank her for all of the years that she has worked for you and how much she has blessed you by also being her friend.
I would then gently say that you have noticed that she has been struggling with her duties lately and ask her how she is feeling. Depending on how she answers will let you know what direction to go from there. If she acknowledges that she has been struggling and would like another chance then I would give her that chance. If she continues to struggle after the second chance I would tell her that you will have to find someone else to do your housekeeping but still want to be her friend. Tell her that business is business and friends are friends.
If she says that she is not feeling well and doesn’t think she can handle what is needed anymore then that would give you an out to find someone else.
I have learned the hard way it’s best not to become “friends” with people who you employee because it makes things much less “messy” if things don’t work out.

Best of luck!


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