The Tipsy Tiger Takes Over The Plains

Aliceson LeCroy, owner of Tipsy Tiger, a traveling bartender business.




For Aliceson LeCroy, being a traveling bartender was not her expected career path.

Originally attending school to become an EMT, LeCroy changed career paths and went to school to become a dental assistant. For 10 years, LeCroy worked as a dental assistant until four years ago, when one of her best friends suggested that the two become traveling bartenders. After being convinced that her friend was not making up the job, the two started working for a company where they traveled around the country bartending for various events.

After a lot of clients directly contacted LeCroy about bartending events, she decided to create her own business as a solo traveling bartender. LeCroy has her own setup of a pop-up bar that she can easily travel with, and she is in the process of converting a cover trailer into a mobile bar.

A big part of forming her own business was creating a good name. LeCroy said she knew she needed to include the Auburn Tigers because of how much Auburn means to her.

“I said, ‘Lord, if this is what I’m supposed to do, help me pick a name,’” LeCroy said. “I wanted it to be something catchy, but not basic. I wanted something that was going to catch people’s attention, but then also to be something that I like. And that’s when it just came to me: ‘Tipsy Tiger.’”

One of the perks of being a traveling bartender, according to LeCroy, is being able to meet and connect with people. LeCroy has grown in her social skills as she’s networked through her job.

“You have to connect with your clients,” LeCroy said. “You have to assist them in whatever they need.”

LeCroy can travel all throughout Alabama and Georgia to bartend for weddings, birthdays and any other kind of celebrations.

“It’s a dream job,” LeCroy said. “I absolutely love every bit of it. I never dread going bartending. It’s always fun — there’s always something happening.”

Among all the events for which LeCroy has bartended, there have been some memorable ones. From grand rooms to farms, indoor fireworks to marching band processions, LeCroy has seen it all.

“His cake hung from the ceiling,” LeCroy said of a party for which she bartended for Tytus Howard, of Houston, Texas. “It had all these strings and lights with jewels and diamonds. It was just floating in the air.”

Aside from the glitz and the glamour, LeCroy bartends for events that are a little more toned down in style. She has set up her bar stand in barns for weddings and, most recently, a cow pasture.

Along with the interesting locations, LeCroy has noticed people’s interesting tastes when it comes to the drinks they order.

“Pineapple and tequila,” LeCroy said. “Yeah, it’s different, but then I tried it later on, and that’s actually pretty good. But I would have never thought to put the two together.”

LeCroy plans on expanding her business to hire more bartenders so she can schedule more events.

“I’m hoping to have at least two mobile bars by that point and at least 10 to 15 bartenders sent out in different areas, so that way I can have multiple events going,” LeCroy said.

Although being booked all the way through September, LeCroy said she is excited for the future and the upcoming events to which she will be traveling.

“In March, I have a birthday party that I am doing,” LeCroy said. “And they’re going to be using the cover trailer — which they’ll be the first people to use it, and I’m pretty excited.”


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