The Fair returns to Opelika


Photos by Robert Noles / Opelika Observer

If you like games, rides and eating your fill of various fried foods, you’re in luck … the fair has returned to Opelika.

Open until April 25, the fair is located in the center lawn of the USA Town Center (1220 Fox Run Ave). Opening night was Thursday.

Admission is $3 and individual tickets or armbands can be purchased for rides at the ticket booth. Gates open at 5 p.m. on weekdays and 1 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting.

Rides that go up, rides that go down, rides that make you forget which way is which – there’s something for all levels of thrill seeker. Ten various game stands should afford any man a good chance to win his lady a prize, and three food wagons provide all the traditionally adored fair food.

All precautions for COVID-19, including employees wearing mask and regular sanitation, are being performed. Fair manager Shane Terry said visitors will not be required to wear a mask and he’s looking forward to seeing the people of Opelika come out over the next two weeks.

“So far it’s been very nice everyone’s been super,” he said. “If people just need something to do … if they need to get out of their houses and come walk around a little bit, come on, we’ve got all the staples.”


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