The ‘Eyes Have It’ group celebrates a year of service


By Beth Pinyerd
Opelika Observer

Lee County’s Low Vision Group “The Eyes have It” is celebrating a year of service for those who experience problems with low vision. The overall purpose of the group is to provide each member with a greater sense of empowerment as we come together to understand our vision loss and the impact it has on our lives. We are enlightened by different coping skills which we share in the group as well as learning different community resources whom we can turn to for help and enrichment.
We are grateful for community resources sharing and supporting us in coping with our different vision losses. We would like to thank the Lee County Sheriff’s Office for sharing information on “The Yellow Dot” and the “Are You Ok” programs. Both of these resources are so valuable for individuals with low vision.
Leisa Askew, Alabama Cares Coordinator and a member of the Lee-Russell Council of Governments, have helped us with valuable resources in senior services.
Another resource who has worked closely with us is East Alabama Medical Center’s Nutrition Department which has helped members follow guidelines for better eye health. We’re also grateful to the EAMC Educational Resource Center for providing us a place to meet each month.
Taina Garcia, certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, taught us coping skills of moving safely inside our homes.
We deeply appreciate Village Friends, which utilizes volunteers to assist seniors in need of a support system to maintain their independent lifestyle in the Auburn-Opelika area. We appreciate Village Friends bringing group members to the meetings.
We deeply appreciate The Opelika Observer advertising our meeting dates for each month. Our next meeting is on March 17 from 2 to 3 p.m. in the Ivy Room at the EAMC Education Center. We welcome Jenny Filush-Glaze of Serenity Community Counseling, LLC addresses grief in the loss of vision.
For more information, contact Shiquita Fulton, a vision rehabilitation therapist with the Alabama Rehabilitation Services, at 334-705-2024.


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