The Day the Farmer went to Tiffany’s

Bradley Robertson

By Bradley Robertson

There once was a good farmer who lived happy and content, free as a bird on his land in Alabama. He loved to farm because he knew he could take something as simple as dirt and plant a seed, nourish it and it would grow into something great. The farmer worked his land and planted his crop every spring, and every fall his reward was plentiful as he gathered his good fortune alongside his three children. His greatest love, however, was sharing his farm with his wife.

The Farmer’s wife held a wild spirit, making her the perfect match for a man with land. She loved the outside. She loved the sun on her shoulders while picking blueberries in summer. She loved the cool water on her skin after running down the dock, jumping into their pond to cool off from the heat. She loved to sit and watch the sunset in fall while sipping pinot form her crystal glass. She adored the life she led, savoring all that she felt and saw from season to season. But her favorite piece of the farm was the Farmer. To see him work and grin and laugh while teaching their children life was the song of her days.

The time came for a special anniversary for the Farmer and his wife. Although he preferred to stay in the country, he knew his wife’s admiration for a few finer things in life. She was the dreamy, romantic type and she often spoke of her love for Tiffany’s. She had never been before, and so the Farmer, in his clever ways, came up with a fantastic idea!

“I will take my wife to have breakfast at Tiffany’s!”

The Farmer beamed with pride, for he knew he had the perfect setup for his bride. He would take her to Tiffany’s, hopefully get a breakfast to-go and let her pick out something special.

On the day of their anniversary, the Farmer awoke his wife at daybreak with coffee and a kiss.

“I have a surprise for you. I’m going to take you to Tiffany’s!”

The wife was completely stunned. She grinned from ear to ear, wondering how he had come up with such a marvelous idea. Knowing he was not the city type, she began to quiz him on the details.

“Do you even know where Tiffany’s is? And where will we get breakfast?” she asked.

“Oh, I don’t know baby,” the Farmer responded, “but we’ll figure that out when we get there.”

So on their anniversary, the good Farmer drove his wife to Phipps Plaza in Atlanta, GA. The nostalgia and whimsy the wife felt on this day took her breathe away. As the rain poured down and the Farmer pulled his large white truck into Phipps, the wife began to laugh at the oddness and sheer perfection of the moment.

“This is just like when Audrey Hepburn was calling for the cat at the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!”

“Does that mean we need a cat too?” the Farmer joked.

The couple grinned in unison, and within seconds they darted out of the truck and into the rain to Tiffany’s. Upon arrival, they found a Starbucks perfectly situated right at the front doors of the fine jeweler. The wife ordered a latte along with a scone and the Farmer, not knowing how to order gourmet coffee, pointed to a picture of the largest Frappuccino on the menu.

“I’ll take that one right there,” he said. And so they sat on a couch and waited for Tiffany & Co. to open its doors.

At 10 a.m. sharp the metal doors to Tiffany’s rolled up. The Farmer took his wife by the hand, and they walked into elegance and pure refinement.

The wife gazed at all the jewels and décor and lovely blue items placed all around the store. She found beverage glasses, baby rattles and Christmas ornaments. She touched plates and pretty boxes tied up with white satin bows. The Farmer followed right behind her, nervous to touch anything but delighted to be somewhere fun and inviting.

“Are you two here to find something special today?” asked the kind attendant.

“Well, we don’t know yet,” said the Farmer in his southern drawl. “Today is our anniversary and I just thought I’d bring my wife to Tiffany’s.”

The wife stared at her handsome, rugged husband and grinned in approval. For a moment, she thought to seek out a few jewelry items but halted her words to savor the time.

“If you would like to see anything,” said the attendant, “I will be glad to open up any case and show you.”

The Farmer soon found a stand-alone case in the back of the store. “How about this harmonica here?” he asked.

“Why yes sir, I’d be glad to show that to you,” replied the attendant.

The Farmer was old-fashioned and nothing in all of Tiffany’s could suit his soul more than a harmonica. The wife was a just few feet away, admiring the blue glassware when all of a sudden, a fast and quick musical harmony of high-pitched notes flowed into her ear. She stopped dead in awe and could not move an inch. “Did he just blow into a Tiffany’s harmonica?” she said to herself.

In seconds, she was centered with her husband and the attendant, who stood stunned and speechless.

“Honey, I don’t think you are supposed to blow into a Tiffany’s harmonica,” the wife said.

And with his same cheeky grin, the Farmer replied, “Oh, okay. Well if you were gonna buy it, wouldn’t you want to try it out? I mean, does a Tiffany’s harmonica sound any different than another harmonica?”

And searching ever so calmly for the right words the attendant smiled and responded, “Well, sir, that is certainly one way of looking at it.”

“Have you never had anyone come in and try out the harmonica?” asked the Farmer.

“Why, no sir,” said the attendant. “I believe we have not. I’ve been here for many, many years and I do not recall anyone ever having blown into the Tiffany’s harmonica.”

The attendant chuckled in honest disbelief staring at the fine item, still in a state of shock of what had just taken place. The Farmer handed the harmonica back to the attendant and he thanked the gentlemen for his allowing him to see it, and blow in it.

The Farmer’s good and gentle wife hugged him tight and whispered to him, “I seriously cannot believe you just did that.”

“Really?” he replied, laughing at himself. And in his raspy twang he replied, “what did you think I was going to do with it?”

She laughed right back and said nothing at all. You see, the wife didn’t care for the fine jewelry she was going to soon receive, she just cared that he had brought her here. The wife loved the Farmer simply for being himself.

Each story told is what we create it to be. When two lively and opposite forces come together in human love, the life that takes place is pure magic. And what better place to combine magic and romance than Tiffany’s.


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