Survey Says! Opelika Business Owner, Family to Appear on ‘Family Feud’





Molly Anderson Howard, owner of Studio 3:19 in Opelika, recently appeared alongside her family on the popular game show “Family Feud.”

How the Anderson family came to appear on the show is a story about making the best out of every situation. Before that, however, it all began in Molly’s childhood, when she and her family first discovered a love for the classic game show.

“My youngest cousin and I grew up watching [Family Feud],” Molly said. “It’s always been her dream to go on the show.”

In October 2021, much of Molly’s family was reunited for the funeral of her aunt. In an effort to cheer up the youngest cousin — who had a close relationship with the deceased — the idea to record an audition video for Family Feud was hatched then and there.

“It was one like a let’s turn a bad situation and put our mind on something else,” Molly said. “So, we did our quick little audition video all wearing black in the basement of First Baptist Church in Camden, Alabama.”

According to Molly, the show responded almost “right away” after the Anderson family submitted their video. 

“[They] were like, ‘We have never had anyone send in an audition video from a funeral,’” Molly said.

The family was then interviewed on a video conference, and after that, it was the waiting game. Eventually, the Anderson family received the good news.

In May 2022, just three weeks after being told they had been selected to be on the show, the Anderson family traveled to Atlanta for filming.

The actual process of filming the show was different from what one would expect, Molly explained.

“You have all these lights on you, hair and makeup … and there is a reason that show is so popular,” she said. “They are so high energy, they vibe, they get you hype. But you’re so focused on just like standing straight, not tapping anything, all that stuff. So, now, I feel so bad about the many times I’ve been yelling at the TV, because I have been there. When Steve Harvey is right in front of you, you have all these lights on you, an audience, it’s such a different experience, but so much fun.”

Molly said her favorite part of the entire process was the time she got to spend with her family.

“Honestly, my favorite part of everything was just being with my family,” she said. “They are just so funny and loud, and it was just like such a fun, bonding things. Our parents are getting excited. So, just the family aspect and being able to travel together was definitely my favorite part.”

Her second favorite part, which she felt compelled to mention, was meeting and being around charismatic host Steve Harvey.

“He’s amazing,” she said. “He’s even better in person than I would have ever thought. He comes out … we were in the audience for several of the shows, so we got to watch him in action before we actually went on … and in between episodes he will pull out a stool and just talk and hang out. He gives really good advice. I’m pretty sure I teared up at one point. He’s motivational, but also hilarious. So, that was my second highlight … He’s just so larger than life and so funny. He’s exactly what you would expect, but even more.”

The Anderson family, comprised of Molly — her oldest brother Brent and their three first cousins Ale, Ame and Anna — appear in three episodes, with the first premiering Tuesday, Oct. 11. The Anderson family’s final two episodes will air Oct. 20 and 24 at 6 p.m. CST.


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