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Sticky but Sweet Designs is a creative brand in Auburn which produces digital art.

Georgia native  Sarah Morris moved to Auburn in 2010 for school and has been here ever since. She founded the company two years ago.

“I’ve always been really into crafts and stuff so several years ago I started dabbling in certain things making gifts for family and friends and then people started saying hey this is really good, and people started asking me to buy it,” Morris said. “So, in 2019 I got my LLC and became official and that’s how Sticky but Sweet Designs was created.”

Sticky but Sweet Designs offers a large variety of merchandise including shirts, bags, keychains, digital art prints, car and wall decals and cups.

While Morris said she offers a variety of different items to order, her biggest sellers and favorite things to make are her stickers.

“I just started drawing all of these cute little things and turning them into stickers and then I made an Etsy page and now I’m selling them,” Morris said.

Morris started this business with an IPAD, a Cricket vinyl machine and a goal to clear her head of things she had been facing in her own life.

However, the company is more than just a sticker and t-shirt making business, she said. There is a much larger picture behind the brand that promotes a conversation about mental health and the stigma behind talking about it.


Morris said her best-selling sticker “by a long shot” is one that reads “hello, I’m anxious”. It is one of her simpler designs and is made to look like a nametag.

“It is really funny to me that this sticker is the most popular because as far as design sophistication it is very simple,” Morris said. “But that one has caught a lot of attraction and it just made me realize people buying things like that and having that sticker out could make mental health easier to talk about.”

Morris said she is familiar with the topic of mental health as she has faced her own challenges and helped those closest to her fight their battles with it.

 “I’ve realized through experiencing and working through all of that stuff that a lot of people don’t like to talk about it,” Morris said. “There is a huge stigma surrounding mental health so I figured that making these cute stickers that people can put on their water bottle or laptop bringing attention to the subject, it just makes it easier to talk about when someone can be like ‘oh I like your sticker,’ and then a conversation stems from there.”

While Morris has many premade designs, customers can also place custom orders. She has done everything from design a business logo to make bridal invitations for a wedding party.

“If I can draw it and it’s something that can be used digitally or converted into print, then I can make it,” she said.

Morris sells her stickers through her Etsy page that is linked here

Orders can also be placed through her Facebook page, or follow the Instagram at Sticky but Sweet Designs and stay up to date with where she will be expanding too next.

Morris’s products and mental health-promoting stickers are the perfect gift to give someone this year. Don’t forget to reach out to those you love and support local businesses this holiday season.


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