Standing Rock to Host Next Fish Fry This Fall




 Downtown Standing Rock, Alabama, was busier than usual on Saturday, May 14. For the first time ever, the Standing Rock Fish Fry and Bake Sale was held at the old Community Center on Chambers County Road 278 in downtown Standing Rock. It was a perfect, blue sky, sunny day for the Fish Fry. Traffic on Chambers County Road 278 was a little congested with cars arriving and leaving the Fish Fry. As 18-wheelers rolled slowly through town, truck drivers waved their hand hello out the window and blew their air horns.

A continuous line of vehicles and even an ice-cream truck circled around the Standing Rock Methodist Church picking up fish plates to go. As always, a variety of delectable cakes and pies were on display for bidding inside the old Community Center. Round tables were set up in the old Community Center for those who chose to eat indoors where it was nice and cool. Others sat on the grass and near cemetery tombstones as local musicians performed and sang underneath an old water oak tree. Conversations, laughter, music and memories entertained all the souls resting in the Standing Rock Cemetery from the 1860s to present.

The next Fish Fry in downtown Standing Rock is slated for the fall. The Standing Rock Community Center Building Project Committee was formed in 2017 to raise money to build a new Community Center in Standing Rock. The committee has thus far held nine fundraisers.

The committee welcomes all volunteers and donations for the building project. For more information on how you can help, or how to make a donation, contact a committee member: Benji and Margie Johnson, Sharon and Bubba Spriggs, Beth and Billy Joe Pike, George Wilder, Randy Hudson, Rick, Suzanne and Shannon Dewberry, Nannette Brooks, Dr. Walter Stewart, Brandon and Laura Christie, Arnold and Barbara Janney, Fred Johnson and Marie A. Leak.


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