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Local business aims to aid residents in catastrophe preparedness

By Craig Collins
Opelika Observer

Imagine yourself turning a corner in Opelika and finding yourself surrounded by zombies.  You have no survival gear, no survival plan for your family, and no way to reach loved ones. The chances of a zombie apocalypse actually happening anytime soon is very unlikely.  However, if you prepare for the zombie apocalypse the Communicable Disease Center (CDC) argues that you are prepared for any kind of disaster.   For more information about preparing for disasters you can log on to
Where can you go for supplies in Opelika?
The Southern Survival Military Surplus at the USA Town Center is your destination for disaster preparedness.  The owner, Don Lankford, can inform and set up your family with all that you need to be prepared for the worst disasters.  “Whether it’s a tornado, a hurricane, or a terrorist attack, your family needs a plan.  It needs to be a plan for your family to gather somewhere safely,” said Lankford.
“If there is a terrorist attack, everything would shut down.  Let’s say, worst case scenario, communication and banking are disrupted, you’re not going to have money.  You’re going to need to be prepared to have cash on hand.  Your medicines, food, water, clothing are all necessary items,” Lankford explained further, “Most people who come in here are not crazies; they are normal everyday people who just want to be prepared for a disaster.”
The Southern Surplus Survival store has rations, survival packs, first aid kits and much more. “Most people do not have a first aid kit in their car or a survival pack.  This really is a necessity for all motorists to have in their vehicle.  Remember the ice storm in Atlanta a few years ago?  Motorists were left stranded without food or water,” stated Lankford.  Survival packs including water, blankets, flares, and rations can be purchased at his store.
Lankford is expanding his business beyond just survival gear. A new section has been added for guns and ammunition. Lankford sells hunting rifles, but also has a full line of guns for everyone’s needs.  The upgrade gives another dimension where a customer can sell their guns back to Lankford’s store. If you are looking to upgrade your weapons for hunting see Lankford’s selection of rifles.
Your family doesn’t need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, but it does need to have a plan in place in case of disaster. Lankford is planning on having classes in the future to educate people about disaster awareness.  To learn more about how to be prepared for disasters, visit Lankford’s Southern Survival Military Surplus Store in the USA Town Center Mall or call 737-6561.


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