Sotelo introduces ‘Yoga Ignited’ to Observer intern Anna Riley


By Anna Riley
For the Opelika

Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness founder Kimberly Sotelo recently developed a new yoga practice called Yoga Ignited that builds muscle, confidence, endurance, strength and self-esteem by focusing on high-intensity interval training and proper alignment.
By using good alignment, exercise is considered safer because the joints are protected for an injury-free practice, joint longevity which activates more muscles.
The physical benefits of high-intensity training, or HIIT, go beyond the typical health improvements associated with normal exercise. Evidence from studies conducted by researches from the University of New Mexico and the Norwegian School of Science and Technology have proven that HIIT promotes better sugar regulation, improved blood vessel function and reverses age-related muscle decline.
The effects have been studied in participants with Parkinson’s, coronary heart disease, diabetes and older people, and have found mostly positive results, which researchers say stems from its overall accessibility, participant engagement and brevity.
Yoga Ignited is a heart-centered practice, where students will be taught to live intensely and take care of themselves in a loving way, according to Sotelo.
“When we evoke that courage to be ok with intensity, there is an integrity that feels so awesome. When you know you’ve given your absolute best and didn’t give up because it was too hard, the heart just wants to sing,” Sotelo said.
Sotelo has been practicing yoga since 1996 and opened up her first yoga studio in Auburn in 2003. She is now located at 705 Ave. D in Opelika in a building that has been historically renovated and includes a sustainable, edible garden where she offers many different types of classes including yoga, thai yoga and one-on-one sessions.
Yoga Ignited classes are slated to begin in the next two weeks. To learn more about Inner Sunshine Yoga and Wellness and what classes they offer, visit or call Sotelo at 334-787-2110.


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