Sen. Katie Britt Is Helping Advance Smart Clean Energy Policy




As one of the state representatives for Chambers and Lee counties, I understand the important role the businesses along East Alabama play in supporting our state and national economy. From manufacturing and health care to tourism and small businesses, these entities are vital to a prosperous Alabama.

As responsible stewards of our state’s abundant resources, we must embrace an all-of-the-above energy portfolio to ensure that these vehicles of commerce continue to bolster our economy and way of life. Having recently been appointed as one of Alabama’s representatives to the Energy Council, I know that developing our domestic clean energy capabilities is not only good for our environment, but it also helps protect and create new, 21st-century jobs for Alabama workers while supporting local businesses and spurring economic growth in communities across the state.

I am proud to have a fresh voice in Washington in Sen. Katie Boyd Britt, who supports these smart, bipartisan energy policies. Britt’s efforts complement the work we are doing in the Alabama Legislature to advance pro-growth energy policies at the state level.

I encourage our congressional delegation to work with their colleagues on both sides of the aisle to help streamline and simplify the overly complicated, burdensome permitting process that key clean energy infrastructure and related projects must go through just to get off the ground. Congress should work to eliminate bureaucratic red tape that can slow critical energy projects and development.

By working to accelerate the federal permitting process, our congressional delegation can also help to support a stronger, more diverse energy mix that strengthens Alabama’s role as a leader in energy, helping ensure affordable, reliable and increasingly clean power for Alabama homes and businesses.

Washington often does not get it right, but thanks to leaders like Britt, clean energy technologies that benefit our economy and environment alike will advance once we reform our broken and lengthy permitting process. Doing so is important for our state and the nation.

I encourage Britt and our congressional delegation to provide much-needed leadership on the issue and continue being a champion for Alabama residents and businesses.

Debbie Wood serves as a state representative for Lee and Chambers counties.


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