Retired Army Veteran Sherri Reese Announces  Candidacy for Alabama Senate District 27



ALABAMA — Sherri Reese has officially announced her candidacy to run as a Democrat for Alabama Senate District 27. Sherri is a lifelong Alabamian, raised, educated and volunteering in Lee County, Alabama. Reese believes her lifelong commitment to service, her country and community is exactly what the constituents of Senate District 27 need.

“As an Army Drill Sergeant, my job was to make sure everyone I trained was prepared for obstacles/hardships they might face in combat,” Reese said. “Now, I want to help Alabama prepare for the future. Our state needs to be prepared to take advantage of new economic opportunities in emerging markets. Public schools need to be better equipped to guide students to the fullest academic potential. We need to invest in Medicaid expansion so our rural hospitals are prepared to serve their community. That is the type of leadership we need in Montgomery right now and that’s why I’m running.”

Reese hopes to interrupt the decade-long trend of Republican government mismanagement by providing the constituents of Alabama Senate District 27 with an elected leader who will focus on the issues that matter: improving public schools, improving healthcare access and bringing good jobs to the area.

“I believe every person has value and potential,” continued Reese. “I may not be the decisive voice but I can be your voice. As senator, I’ll fight daily to support legislation that materially improves lives. The people of Senate District 27 can trust me to be their boots on the ground.”

For information about Reese and her campaign for Alabama Senate District 27, visit


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