Quiz on Politics


Are you as knowledgeable on politics as you should be? Take the following quiz and find out.
1. Ryan Zinke is currently (a) Secretary of the Navy; (b) Secretary of the Interior; (c) Secretary of the Army; (d) Head of the EPA
2. Zinke was formerly a congressman from (a) Utah; (b) Montana; (c) Kansas; (d) Oregon; (e) Mississippi
3. In what capacity did  Zinke serve in the military? (a) a physician; (b) a Seal; (c) a Navy Pilot;  (d) a Army Helicopter Pilot; (e) an X-Ray technician
4. Scott Pruitt holds what position in Pres. Trump’s cabinet? (a) head of the EPA; (b) Director of Homeland Security; (c) Head of Housing and Urban Development; (d) head of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
5. Dr. Ben Carson holds what position of those in no. 4?
6. Scott Pruitt was formerly attorney general of what state? (a) Nebraska; (b) Tennessee; (c) Oklahoma; (d) Texas; (e) Idaho
7. Jim Zeigler is frequently at odds with Gov. Bentley. What position does Zeigler hold? (a) State Auditor; (b) State Treasurer; (c) Secretary of State; (d) State Historian
8.  Anyone paying the least bit of attention would notice the “TWINKLE” signs affixed to utility poles and tree trunks along public roads in the state. The signs began appearing several years ago, and apparently were meant to call attention to the candidacy of Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh
seeking to gain or to hold a place on the state’s Public Service Commission. Answer (a) Yes, or (b) No, if you believe this practice is a violation of state law.
9. Under whose administration did the Endangered Species Act become law? (a) Harry Truman; (b) Dwight Eisenhower; (c) Lyndon Johnson; (d) Richard Nixon; (e) Jimmy Carter
9. During which of those in no. 9 did construction of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway begin despite the opposition of the U. S. president?
10. During which of those in no. 9 was the Arctic National Refuge established?
11. Who did Gov. Bentley name to replace Sen. Jeff Sessions as a U.S. senator from Alabama? (a) John McMillan; (b) Luther Strange; (c) Mo Brooks
12. What position does Stephanie Azar hold? (a) Alabama Medicaid Commissioner; (b) Assistant to Senator Del Marsh; (c) Assistant to Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey

Answers: 1,b; 2,b; 3,b; 4,a; 5,c; 6,c; 7,a; 8,a; 9,d; 10,b; 11,b; 12, a ,
Scoring: 10-12, very good; 7-9, not bad at all; 4-6, below average; 2-3, average for Watters’ World


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