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A regular feature on the O’Reilly Factor (Fox News) is “Watters’ World,” during which Jesse Watters interviews presumably well-educated people on geography, politics, and world affairs. I never cease to be amazed by the ignorance of most of those he interviews. Take the following quiz to determine how well informed you are.
1. The U. S. congressman representing Lee County is (a) Robert Aderholt; (b) Mo Brooks; (c) Martha Roby; (d) Gary Palmer; (e) Mike Rogers
2. Which of the following state legislators representing Lee County has the longest tenure in that position? (a) Mike Hubbard; (b) George Bandy; (c) Issac Wharton; (d) Pebblin Warren; (e) Tom Whatley
3. Which Lee County Commissioner has served longest in that position? (a) Johnny Lawrence; (b) Sheila Eckman; (c) Robert Ham; (d) John A. Harris; (e) Gary Long
4. Which of the following is the only “openly gay” member of the state Legislature? (a) Bill Poole; (b) Patricia Todd; (c) Arthur Payne: (d) Mary Sue McClurkin; (e) Yvonne Kennedy
5. The most high-ranking (President Pro Tem) member of the State Senate is (a) Greg Reed; (b) Del Marsh; (c) Dick Brewbaker; (d) Billy Beasley; (e) Jimmy Holley.
6. Which of those in number 5 represents a portion of Lee County?
7. Which of the following is the only Democrat from Alabama serving in the U. S. Congress?(a) Martha Roby; (b) Terri Sewell; (c) Mo Brooks; (d) Bradley Byrne; (e) Robert Aderholt
8. Which of those in number 7 ranks lowest in seniority?
9. Alabama’s Attorney General is (a) Kay Ivey; (b) Luther Strange; (c) John McMillan; (d) Young Boozer; (e) Beth Chapman.
10. Twinkle Cavanaugh serves as a member of what state agency? (a) Board of Education; (b) Public Service Commission; (c) Court of Civil Appeals; (d) Court of Criminal Appeals; (e) Department of Revenue
11. During the administration of what president was the Endangered Species Act enacted? (a) Teddy Roosevelt; (b) John Kennedy; (c) Franklin Roosevelt; (d) Richard Nixon; (e) Dwight Eisenhower
12. During which of those in number 11 did the Environmental Protection Act become law?
13. What Alabama county has produced more governors than any other? (a) Lee; (b) Jefferson; (c) Mobile; (d) Barbour; (e) Montgomery
14. Former Auburn football coach Earl Brown abruptly resigned following the election of whom as Alabama’s governor? (a) Jim Folsom; (b) Fob James; (c) Gordon Persons; (d) George Wallace; (e) John Patterson
15. What former U.S. president, while fishing in his boat, was frightened by a swamp rabbit swimming in his direction? (a) Ronald Reagan; (b) Harry Truman; (c) Gerald Ford; (d) Jimmy Carter; (e) Dwight Eisenhower
Answers: 1,e; 2,b; 3,d; 4,b; 5,b; 6,d; 7,b; 8,d; 9,b; 10,b; 11,d; 12,d; 13,d; 14,c; 15, d
Scoring: 12-15 correct, Congratulations! You passed with flying colors; 8 to 11 correct, Average for college graduate; 5 to 7 correct, You get a C-plus. If you score fewer than 5 and see Jesse Watters coming, run and hide quickly!
Bob Mount is a Professor Emeritus with the Department of Zoology and Entomology at Auburn University. He is also chairman of the Opelika Order of Geezers, well-known local think tank and political clearing house. He writes about birds, snakes, turtles, bugs and assorted conservation topics.


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