Price and Sparks to face off in Ala. Senate District 13 election


By Morgan Bryce
Associate Editor

Following the June 5 primaries, Randy Price and Mike Sparks will go head-to-head in a special run-off election July 17 to determine who will become the Republican nominee for Alabama State Senate District 13 seat.
Multiple attempts to contact and request an interview from Sparks were unsuccessful. Following are platforms and ideas that Price would hope to implement if elected.
What is the most important topic that you hope to focus on in the upcoming run-off?
Price: Being a champion of the people
“I’m continuing to run in the same way that I did before the primary — reaching as many voters as possible, conveying the message that I want to serve in the State Senate to ensure our community has a fighter for quality jobs, better roads and conservative values.
If you were to win, what is the first thing that you hope to accomplish?
Price: Restore faith in Alabama politics
“No one person is going to change the world from day one. But the first thing I hope to accomplish is to work with other leaders to restore the public’s faith in government once again. Montgomery is broken, and I want to be part of the solution.”
Are your campaign tactics expected to change now that there are less people running?
Price: Keeping on point
“I was proud to win four out of five counties and the majority overall votes in our district. I believe our positive message of progress for better jobs, higher wages and conservative values has worked, and I don’t plan on changing my tune.”
What is one thing that you want the voters to know about you?
Price: Maintaining accessibility to constituents
“If elected, they will have a hard worker and a fighter in the State Senate. I want to remain accessible to all voters both during the campaign and in office, and I plan on doing just that.”


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