Parmer Cleaning Solutions offering sanitizing services


By Natalie Anderson
Staff Reporter

Parmer Cleaning Solutions began in Dalton, Georgia and has been serving communities across the south since 1995. Providing service in the Auburn area since 2009, the company offers full cleaning services, carpet cleaning and other janitorial services.
“With COVID-19 taking its toll on Alabama, everyone is wondering, ‘What can I do to further protect myself, my company, my employees and my family?’” said Operations Manager of Auburn branch, Taylor Chambers. “The answer is Parmer Cleaning Solutions!”
The two-step fogging process is said to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The company uses Environmental Protection Agency registered disinfectants that have been tested and registered by global health authorities that are fungicidal and effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria.
The cleaning company has diverted 70% of its resources towards helping current and new customers sanitize their workplaces such as healthcare facilities and individual homes within the community. Most recently and moving forward, this treatment process will be used at different intervals depending on the specific needs of the customer..
“It’s a strict two-step process, workers go into homes or businesses to disinfect high touch surfaces including door knobs, desks, railings, counters, etc. Once the foreign contaminants are removed, the workers go back in and fog. The fog ULV sprayer coats the entire space with disinfectant including nooks and crannies to make sure everything is saturated,” Chambers explained.
“(We’re) very, very passionate about trying to bring a solution that brings peace of mind and we pride ourself on attention to detail and very passionate about the offerings (brought) to the community,” said owner Andrew Parmer.
To learn more about Parmer Cleaning Solutions and set up an appointment, visit Pricing of services varies depending on the level of cleanliness needed. Interested customers can also email the company at or call 256-300-0734.


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