Opelika Utilities addresses taste, smell issue with water


Special to the
Opelika Observer

During the last few days, some Opelika water customers have experienced an earthy taste and/or smell in their water.
According to Dan Hilyer, PE, General Manager of Opelika Utilities, “This is a result of seasonal algal blooms in Saugahatchee Lake. Similar events are occurring across the country due to weather and other natural conditions. We monitor our water constantly and are aware of the situation.
“Opelika Utilities assures its customers that their water is completely safe to consume,”  Hilyer said. “Efforts are ongoing to reduce or eliminate the objectionable flavor and smell.”
These efforts include testing and evaluating the effectiveness of new activated carbon filters and Nano filtration technology.
“Opelika Utilities asks for your patience and understanding as we work to determine the most cost effective, long term solution to this issue,” Hilyer said.
Customers who have further questions or concerns may call Opelika Utilities at 334-705-5500.


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