Opelika Theatre Company to Hold Auditions for ‘Young Sherlock’




Opelika Theatre Company is holding auditions for its next production: “Young Sherlock.”

Young Sherlock takes a trip back in time when young Sherlock Holmes was a boarding student at Butterworth Academy. Two children are kidnapped from the school and John Watson hopes his friend and classmate will be able to solve his first crime. Despite a psychic — Madame Lulu — who appears on the scene and guarantees to find the students, Sherlock is also met by a bumbling, incompetent chief of police — Constable Bing and his assistant Cyril, who start their own investigation, getting things all messed up.

Madame Lulu, the crazy psychic, suddenly finds the children after receiving a handsome ransom from their wealthy, aristocratic parents.

Sherlock becomes very suspicious and decides to set a trap to capture the person responsible for the kidnapping and ransom note, thus launching his career as a “great detective” who solves the crime even before the police can.

This is a great show for young actors to jump into the joys of theatre, letting them get their feet wet on an action-packed mystery-solving set that teaches them about famous characters in literary history.

Auditions will take place Friday, Sept. 16, 4:30 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, Sept. 17, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., with a possible extra audition date for Sunday, Sept. 17, 1 to 3 p.m.

Call or text 344-559-8597 or 344-400-9660 to schedule an audition time or for more information. Sides (lines from the script) can be sent by email to you, or you can do a one-minute monologue.

Auditions are for ages 6 to 13 years old.


1. Monique – student who’s abducted

2. Carlotta – student who’s abducted

3. Ruda – maid

4. Miss Klegg – the school cook

5. Miss Butterworth – Headmistress

6. Madame Lulu – the crazy psychic and fortune teller

7. Larry Lestrade – student

8. Sherlock Holmes – student

9. John Watson – student

10. James Moriarty -student

11. Helen Stoner – student

12. Irene Adler – student

13. Hetty Hudson – student

14. Henry Baskerville – student

15. Lady Windsor – government official’s wife

16. Signora Medici – ambassador’s wife

17. Leticia Windsor – a new student

18. Rosa Medici – another new student

19. Madame Bonaparte – Monique’s Mother

20. Senor Goya – Carlotta’s father

21. Constable Bing – Chief of Police

22. Cyril – Constable Bing’s Deputy

23. Duchess Simpson – Wealthy Aristocrat

24. Hortense – Duchess Simpson’s daughter

*NOTE: Roles can easily be altered to suit different genders. Example: Senor Goya can easily become Senora Goya, etc.

The roles of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Larry Lestrade, Helen Stoner, Henry Baskerville, Irene Adler, Hetty Hudson and James Moriarty can not be altered. These were all characters that grew up and factored into Sherlock Holmes later life and mysteries.


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