Opelika City Schools to require use of face masks when students return


Statement from Dr. Mark Neighbors,
Superintendent Opelika City Schools

In assessing the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 in Lee County and in planning for the upcoming school year, we have been monitoring and reviewing data from our local medical professionals to determine best practices to start school in August. In addition to providing a safe and clean environment for our students, our priority is to have face to face instruction as long as possible in order to best serve our students. Therefore, we believe that all persons should wear face
coverings while on campus.

Beginning with back to school activities involving students and teachers, the Opelika City Schools will require all persons on campus to wear appropriate face coverings when social distancing is not feasible. OCS will provide students reusable face coverings at the beginning of the school year as long as the supply chain is not disrupted and we are able to purchase them. We will have additional disposable masks for emergencies.

We ask that parents discuss with their children the importance of our mission of maximizing safety in order to maximize academics for them. We will be patient in working with our students in following these guidelines and we understand that this will be difficult to implement with the youngest of our children. We are all in this together and promise that we will continue to do our best for your children and our community of Opelika.

Mark Neighbors
Superintendent, Opelika City Schools


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