OPD holds church-safety seminar

Robert Noles/Opelika Observer

By Morgan Bryce
Staff Reporter

In response to the recent church shootings in Tennessee and Texas, the Opelika Police Department hosted a church-safety seminar at City Hall Nov 16.
Capt. Bobby Kilgore of OPD said the purpose of the training was to empower and educate the 30 citizens in attendance to be prepared at social gatherings, including church services.
“Mayor Fuller and OPD felt like this was important due to the current climate in our country. These events, while not common place, do occur,” Kilgore said. “We feel like it is important to empower all of our citizens with information to make them safer at church, or any other venue.”
Kilgore added that OPD is willing to provide safety training to individuals and groups if interested.
For more information on church security and training measures, visit www.dhs.gov or www.fbi.gov.


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