O Town Ice Cream to offer breakfast this winter

Special to the Opelika Observer

By Morgan Bryce
Staff Reporter

This winter, O-Town Ice Cream will be offering its patrons a sweet way to start their day, through a campaign called “O-Town Breakfast.”
Angela George, co-owner of O-Town, said that the need for a breakfast destination in downtown on weekday mornings was the primary reason for starting this campaign.
“We felt like there was a need for this in the downtown area for the workers, for the girls that get in the salon early in the mornings, moms that are missing that place where they can do Bible study or meet with a friend after they drop their kids off at school … we kind of feel like there’s a niche there and we’ve really listened to the community about that recently,” George said.
O-Town now opens at 8 a.m. on weekdays, offering breakfast croissants with bacon and pimento cheese, biscuits and Belgian waffles with toppings like Nutella and banana, strawberry and banana, spiced apples or the classic butter and syrup combination. George said that the menu will expand based on demand and customer feedback, as well as its availability on weekends.
Throughout the winter season on weekdays, the store will have different operating hours because of the time of year and campaign, but George said they have plans of extending their breakfast offering further into the year if they meet their goals.
“We’ll keep it. If there’s a demand and people are loving it and people are using our store … the doors will be open,” George said. “We knew when we opened this building, whatever doors opened for us to serve the community that we wanted to do that.”


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