Now playing: HALO ‘Fireteam Raven’ at Cyberzone Entertainment Center


By Vanessa Poulson
For the Opelika

Calling all gamers.
HALO “Fireteam Raven” is now available for playing at CyberZone Entertainment Center here in Opelika. The experience is $2 per player, and it is available through the business’s card swipe system, making it easier for guests to jump in and start the experience.
HALO is one of the most popular games in video game history, dating back to the original version on XBOX with HALO “Combat Evolved” from 2001. The game follows the USMC “Master Chief” and when HALO 2 arrived in 2004, it was the prime game for the newly launched XBOX LIVE online gaming community, and crafted the modern world of gaming all the way until the present day.
This new experience HALO “Fireteam Raven” follows the ODST team helping Master Chief mission objectives. The game is a four-player experience with 130 inches of a 4k display system, full surround sound, props, and environment setting including the HALO rings above player’s heads. Players can also use their own XBOX LIVE user ID by signing in with the QR system on the main consoles.
“Between the immense environment and visuals the version of HALO is the next generation of gaming,” said CyberZone co-owner Simon Bak. “This game has to be seen, pictures or words can’t do it justice. The attention to detail is nothing like we have seen in any type of game. It is large and really shows how these games are becoming attractions.”
The addition of HALO “Fireteam Raven” at CyberZone makes it one of the few arcades outside larger cities like Atlanta that offer such high-end games at their arcade.
“It has only been on the floor for one day, so far but watching the faces of our guests seeing the size of the machine is amazing,” Bak said. “The game is certainly a presence on the game floor. We did have some photos posted on social media, and they have generated a really great response, we are looking forward to seeing how it does this weekend.”
HALO “Fireteam Raven” is set to be a permanent fixture on the CyberZone game floor and is currently on the main game floor in the arcade. For more information, call 334-737-5000. The business is located at 107 N. 9th St. in Opelika.


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