Motley announces re-elect bid for Ward 3 council seat


Ward 3’s incumbent councilman Joey Motley announced to the Opelika Observer this week that he will be seekng re-election to the city council.

“I thoroughly enjoy my work on the council, and I hope the residents of Ward Three will vote to allow me to serve them for another term,” Motley said.

Motley said he’s lived in Opelika his entire life , and wants to continue to serve the town he loves and cares for in whatever way he can.

“I’ve been here all of my life, I raised my family here, brought my boys up through the public schools,” Motley said. “It’s a great places and I want to do my part to have it be a better place than when I found it.”

Motley said he’s tried to guide his votes on various issues before the council based on what he thinks is best for Opelika.

“The council does a great job in that we agree to disagree on some items,” Motley said. “When I vote, as long as I vote by what I think is best for all of Opelika, I feel as though I’m doing my job.”

Motley said if elected to a new term, he hoped to investigate ways the city could maintain current services but still trim costs.

“Even without the current economic climate, we always need to make sure we’re finding ways to save money when we can with the budget,” Motley said. “Whether it’s looking into alternative fuel sources for some city vehicles, or any other idea out there, we have be willing to look at every option on the table to try to find the best solutions for Opelika.”

Motley said he also hopes to see the new high school project and several city roads projects come to completion during the next term, as well as the launching of the city’s new cable project.

Motley worked for 34 years in manufacturing before his election to the council. He currently owns and operates Motley Motors.

He has been married to his wife, Dinah, since 1981 and has two sons, Matthew and Michael.


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