Mother’s Day 2020


By Bruce Green

Moms, if you were wanting that special, never-to-be-forgotten Mother’s Day experience, my guess is you’re going to get it this year. Due to the unusual circumstances we’re living in, Mother’s Day 2020 will probably be unlike any of the previous versions.
I remember when we were living in South Carolina in late September 1989. Hurricane Hugo had ripped through the state and left us (and thousands of others) without water, electricity and phone service. The water and phone came back in a day or two, but the electricity was out for a longer period. The hurricane had hit on a Friday and the next Friday happened to be Janice’s birthday.
She had jokingly told me if I would get the electricity back on, that was all she wanted. Somehow, that’s exactly what happened. And if you ask her about that birthday—that will be the first thing she tells you about.
I have a feeling that Mother’s Day 2020 will be marked by similar kinds of memories.
Mom won’t be going out to her favorite local restaurant. She won’t be honored at church (well, at least not in the way she’s used to). No, a lot of things will be different this year.
What hasn’t changed is how important Mom is to all of us. She can still walk into a tough situation and make lemonade out of lemons. She can get along with less (and do more with it). She can be temporary schoolteacher, mask maker, blood donor, food distributer and anything else she is needed to be. She is the heartbeat of the home and we have no idea what we would do without her and do not care to find out.
So Moms, you’ll understand if presents aren’t quite as polished or well put together as in years past. You’ll be accepting that the day’s celebration isn’t as well orchestrated as it has been.
And we know we can count on you to be happy with whatever the day holds, because life is about learning to cherish the moments we have with the ones we love. And no one does that better than you.
Happy Mother’s Day!


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