Bradley Robertson


Have you ever taken a moonwalk? I highly recommend it. As much as I love a sunrise or sunset, I adore the romance and hush of a moon coming up into night.

On the evening of Oct. 20, I decided to take a country walk, which happened to be a full moon. The boys were not home and Sissy was occupied with homework, so I poured a crisp glass of white wine and my body and soul were pulled out my front screen door into the low light of dusk.

The sky lay still, a silk navy blue in color. The birds were silent, the wind calm and cool. Acres of pasture rolled into the horizon and the deep orange moon began to lift into the sky. I walked the path of our dirt road and was awakened to the dawn of a new season.

It was so quiet and calm, almost unreal. As I walked upon my rusty colored earth, I was able to see the season move, second by second. Stillness in moonlight. Leaves of color rustling in the distance. Trees far and wide, standing strong as elephants. I saw the moon lifting up and with it, the weight of the world.

I gazed at the sight of that moon. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. And as I walked into one particular spot, I could hear the sound of water. It caught me quickly for the closest stream was nowhere in sight. I stood very still, staring in the direction of our creek over the hill, and sure enough, I could hear its babbling sounds just as if I were standing over it. It was remarkable.

I began to think of how intentional God is in this changing of season, summer to fall, fast into slow. I would have never heard the sound of that brook had I not stood still to observe the beauty before me.

Our summer has been quite busy and heated with all the conflict in our world. And now, our long days are getting shorter and our temperatures are coming down a few notches. Colors are changing all around us from vibrant greens to the warm and pleasant of orange and red and brown.

Leaves are crunching under our feet and the tall grass in Alabama fields are tinged in gold.

And I look upon the moon which God pulled so gently into view and I wonder if maybe he’s calling us to slow down and pay attention. Maybe it’s time for us to notice the details of God himself.

Who is this God? Who is this bold, large one that our minds cannot even begin to understand?

Who is this Lord of Lords that has brought me into life?

Who is this great “I am” gentle and calm and yet makes the oceans crash at shore?

How can God pull a giant moon into sky and still cover little me in his feathers?

And if the kiss of a husband can be so sweet, then why too do we feel the destruction of heart?

In my complete belief, I still wrestle.

But when I step outside, a lone person in a great big world, and I see the moon standing still, it’s as if God is looking back at me as he says, “I see you too”.

God does see us. God sees every detail of our hearts and home. And he cares greatly. And when we least expect it, he shows himself to us in a moon, a child’s smile, a written word or perhaps a bird perched oddly upon our kitchen counter.

I think the greatest detail of God is that he is here, walking with us, listening to us, holding us and loving us. He is the details of every day. He is the changing of season. We just have to stop and notice him.

God pulls on our soul just as he pulls up that lovely fall moon.

I encourage you to take a walk this week, or sit still somewhere, maybe your porch or patio. Take notice that the goodness of God is all around us.

For he sees us clearly, and I believe we all long to see God too.

God bless you all as we enter into a new season of rest.


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