Molto bene, Ma Fia’s!


There are a few things I’m good at, one of them is lasagna.

However, I know when I am outdone. There is now a little Italian establishment in town that puts my layered masterpiece to shame.

I got the most enjoyable opportunity to visit Ma Fia’s Ristorante and Pizzeria the other night.

In case you haven’t heard or seen for yourself, it is a new addition to the string of business that run along Railroad Avenue.

From the minute I walked in and was hugged tight by Diane at the door, I felt right at home. The atmosphere in the place was charming and warm. I loved the lighting, the fixtures and the seating.

There was a full house and everyone seemed to be having their own parties in their booths and at individual tables.

We didn’t have to wait, primarily because we chose to have a late dinner but if we had, it would have been worth it.


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