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Mo Brooks, one of the leading candidates for the U.S. senate seat left open by retiring Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, visited Opelika recently to pitch his candidacy to some of his potential constituents. Brooks, who currently serves as the congressman for Alabama’s 5th district, spoke about his platform and took questions from the public at the Opelika Public Library.

“Our foundational principles have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history,” Brooks said in his opening statement. “Our foundational principles are under attack and by-golly, I’m going to defend them. Hopefully I will have the courage and the strength and the capability to defend them as well as our ancestors have and as much they have sacrificed to make America the greatest nation in world history. And I say that with pride, that I am a part of the United States of America … but for 75 years we have been the greatest nation in world nation. Economically, no one has matched us. Militarily, no one has matched us. Liberty and freedom, no one has matched us.

2022-02-24 Mo Brooks Senator

“I’ve never had such fear for the direction we are going,” he continued. “Socialism is on the march and its winning. Amoral values are on the march and its winning. Collectively, we as a people better wake up and or we are going to lose the country that we know and love.”

Following Brooks’ opening statement, attendees asked the candidate a variety of questions, the first of which was about the candidate’s view of the pressing situation between Russia and Ukraine.

“I believe we should help the Ukrainians … with military capabilities,” Brooks said. “I also believe that we should not have any boots on the ground unless it is to assist Europe — our allies.”

Brooks further emphasized the need for Europe to take the lead on this issue, explaining that America cannot be the sole “policing” country in all corners of the world and that American sacrifices at the behest of others oftentimes go unappreciated. He then eluded, however, to the negative consequences that could come from European inaction, and the risk that comes with that regarding Russia’s and communist China’s imperialists expansion.

Brooks then answered more questions in which he reiterated his lack of faith in democrats, which he repeatedly warned were more leftist and socialist than ever. Brooks aligned himself with other Republicans such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis, downplayed the significance of climate change and stressed the importance of energy independence. He questioned America’s election integrity due to foreign influence and special interest groups, and expanded on the work ethic which has helped him win a number of elections as the underfunded candidate, among other things.

In closing, Brooks addressed his comments that predated the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

“I gave a roaring speech to try to motivate people to understand in America how we are at risk, and what they need to do is focus on the 2022 and 2024 elections,” he said. “Fake news media, the Democrats … they twisted that and into ‘well it was inspiring the attack on the Capitol.”

According to a list of “issues” on Brook’s website, the first thing he hopes to do if elected is to “Drain the Swamp.” Former President Donald Trump coined Washington, D.C. as “The Swamp” and Brooks is running with it.

 Additionally, Brooks’ website lists “National Security, Debts and Debits, Foreign Affairs, Healthcare, The Second Amendment, Immigration and Right to Life” as priority topics for the candidate.

Brooks has been given endorsements by Trump, the longest-serving female Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan, former Alabama Republican Chairman Marty Connors, Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Georgia Congresswoman Majorie Taylor Greene and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, among others.

2022-02-24 Mo Brooks Senator

For his near-lifetime commitment to conservative activism, Brooks has earned numerous awards and recognitions, including top marks from a number of conservative organizations including: Heritage Action, the NRA, Club for Growth, Numbers USA, American Conservative Union and FreedomWorks.

Brooks grew up in the Tennessee Valley and graduated from Duke University, where he met his wife Martha, in three years with a double major in political science and economics. He then pursued law at the University of Alabama and had a successful career as an attorney before entering public works. Brooks has been elected as a county commissioner four times, served under two attorney generals and first entered the House of Representatives in 1982, earning reelection in 1983, 1986 and 1990. He has been serving as congressman for the last six terms, since 2010.

“Hopefully you will be able to take some confidence in the job that I will do for you as a united states senator based on what other say about me having represented them,” Brooks said. “Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of folks who don’t like me in the Tennessee valley, in the state of Alabama and around the country. That’s because I am a conservative. I’m not just a conservative, I fight for those values that we stand for as a people. I don’t surrender them. I don’t yield to the socialist.”

Brooks and his wife Martha have been married for 46 years and share four children and 13 grandchildren together.

Brooks’ main competitors in the Senate race are Business Council of Alabama CEO Katie Britt, and former Army aviator and Alabama businessman Mike Durant.

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