Micah Messer Condemns the Lee County Commission for Creating a Government Forced Monopoly on Trash Pickup in Lee County



Conservative State House candidate Founder of Keep Lee County Beautiful, Micah Messer; condemns the actions by the Lee County Commission and their actions creating a government forced monopoly on trash pickup service.

“Monday night, the Lee County Commission decided they would create a government-forced trash monopoly in the entire county.

As a huge proponent of the free market and the essential elements of free enterprise, this is an unacceptable move by the Lee County Commission. People should be free to choose whether they are serviced by the county trash service or private trash service.

By selecting a single company to service all of Lee County and then prohibiting private entities from being able to service homes that choose to be serviced by these companies, you are effectively creating a trash monopoly. This monopoly could then adjust its standards and prices, all without any competition or repercussions of losing customers.

Government-created monopolies are just as wrong as any other monopoly and should not be allowed to exist. This further degradation of our founding principles is unacceptable. This move by the county commission is a slap in the face of these private companies who were told they would still be allowed to operate. My grandfather would call that a lie.

I call on the Lee County Commission to reconvene and amend their policy immediately, allowing individuals to choose to contract with their own trash companies if they so choose.”


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