May is ‘National Celiac Awareness Month’


Dining out gluten-free – Jersey Mike’s

By Michelle Key

In December 2017, Jersey Mike’s added Udi’s brand gluten-free sub rolls to their menu. After providing training to their employees they rolled out their gf options to their customers.
Jo Card, Tiger Town location manager, explained that their store has dedicated staff that are the only ones to handle gluten-free orders. When a customer orders a gluten-free sandwich, the employee that has been trained in safety protocols goes in the back, washes their hands, dons clean gloves and prepares an area for creating the sandwich. The rolls arrive from the manufacturer individually wrapped and sealed and the restaurant has dedicated containers of mayonnaise, other sauces and even certain utensils that are only used for the gluten-free subs to help prevent cross contamination.
With the exception of just a few items such as the meatballs and breaded chicken, most of Jersey Mike’s menu can be ordered using the gluten-free bread, giving patrons a wide variety of sandwich options.
The Opelika location of Jersey Mike’s is at 2336 Tiger Town Parkway and is open daily from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.


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