Lutzie 43 Foundation Fundraiser Aims to Raise $55,000 in 43 Days



The Lutzie 43 Foundation kicked off its fifth annual 43 Day Campaign end-of-year fundraising campaign on Nov. 19. The 43 Day Campaign is the foundation’s most significant annual fundraising campaign and this year, aims to raise $55,000 in the last 43 days of the year.

The campaign lasts for 43 days in memory of Philip Lutzenkirchen, a former Auburn football player who wore the number 43 and the foundation’s namesake.

The Lutzenkirchen family founded the Lutzie 43 Foundation after Auburn University tight end Philip Lutzenkirchen lost his life as a passenger in a distracted and impaired driving accident in June 2014. Philip is remembered not only for his legacy on the field but also for his impact off the field.

“I continue to be blown away by the support the Lutzie 43 Foundation has seen over the years through the 43 Day Campaign,” said Mike Lutzenkirchen, executive director of the Lutzie 43 Foundation and Philip’s father. “The funds raised from this campaign help set the foundation up for success in the upcoming year as we continue to give back and grow our impact.”

“I am excited and energized to hit this fundraising goal, we surpassed our goal of $50,000 last year, and I believe we can exceed our $55,000 goal this year,” said Nosa Eguae, Lutzie 43 Foundation board member and former friend and teammate of Philip. “Philip was my brother, and I see the last 43 days of the year as an opportunity to honor him and help prevent what happened to Philip from happening to others.”

Funds raised from the 43 Day Campaign will go towards several of the foundation’s key initiatives to end distracted and impaired driving, such as providing 43 Key Seconds,  keys and safe driving talks to schools and organizations that might not afford keys or talks otherwise. The orginization’s goal is to create the first nationally-recognized symbol for distracted and impaired driving awareness.  When drivers get into their vehicle and see their key, they remember to take 43 seconds to ensure they have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes and click it before starting  their drive.

Donations also fund the foundation’s Prepared for Life (PFL) Scholarships. The PFL Scholarship awards deserving students with a $4,300 scholarship applied throughout their post-high school education. Last year, the foundation awarded 10 scholarships and plans to grow this number in 2022.

“With the help of generous donors, we can keep sharing Philip’s legacy and spread awareness about the circumstances that surrounded his passing. Through the legacy of Philip and increasing awareness, we can make sure no one has to experience the loss of a son, brother and friend to an avoidable accident like we did when we lost Philip,” remarked Eguae. “I’m so proud of all the Lutzie 43 Foundation has done, and I can’t wait to see how much more we can accomplish in 22.”


The Lutzie 43 Foundation aims to encourage and empower people to be positive ambassadors for safe driving through character development, mentorship and real-world application. The

Lutzie 43 Foundation was established in loving memory of former Auburn football player Philip Lutzenkirchen, shortly after he lost his life in a car accident in 2014. In his memory, the foundation’s 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative aims to create the first nationally-recognized symbol for distracted and impaired driving awareness and prevention. The foundation’s motto for youth is to “Live like Lutz, Love like Lutz, and Learn from Lutz,” reflecting its desire to help others live out the many positive character attributes that Philip displayed while learning from the circumstances that led to his death. For more information, visit


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