Local Families Needed to Host International Students


Contributed by Gretchen Mitchell

International Student Exchange (ISE), a non-profit organization, is looking for volunteer families to host international high school students for the upcoming 2021-22 academic school year. Host families can expect to gain a new family member, experience a new culture, create lifelong friendships and make a positive impact locally and globally.

The international exchange students are between the ages of 15 and 18 and come from countries such as Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Italy, Norway and others. 

“The exchange program focuses on bringing the people of the world closer together while educating the leaders of tomorrow through student exchange,” said Wayne Brewer, CEO of International Student Exchange. 

American teenagers can also study abroad through International Student Exchange.

Families can select an international student based on shared interests, hobbies, gender, etc. Family screening includes a background check, an in-home interview and a verification of personal references. The international students are English-speaking, have their own spending money and medical insurance. Americans provide the caring environment, room and daily meals.

Families who host ISE students are eligible to claim a $50 charitable contribution deduction on their itemized tax returns for each month they host a student. For information, contact ISE Regional Advisor Gretchen Mitchell, at 731-607-1064, or visit their website at www.smokymountains.iseusa.org.


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