Local deputy sheriff hosts summer exercise program at Miles Thomas Field

2019-07-23 Manuel Stone

By Robert Noles

Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Sheriff Manuel Stone is doing something special for Opelika’s children.
For the last three years, Stone has been inviting parents to bring their children to Miles Thomas Field to spend less time inside using technology, enjoy the great outdoors and learn how to be happier and healthier.
For 90 on minutes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer, Stone worked with 25 to 30 children to help them improve their speed and dexterity. Children as young as four up to high school juniors participate.
“Stone is doing this out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t ask for money; he just wants kids to get out and exercise and try to help them. My son loves it and it brings him to tears to see his passion for working with the kids this way,” said one of the parents whose child participates in Stone’s program. “The parent when on to say that “seeing an adult & police officer do something like this, it’s such a large impact in these kid’s lives. They could be home playing video games but instead they are out working hard and running around to get better.”
Stone said he plans to hold this program again for a fourth year next summer, and encourages people to follow social media for updates. Parents are also invited to bring their children on those days next summer and join in on the fun.


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