Local author Dr. Robert Jackson to host book discussion event Nov. 16 at Auburn Public Library


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Fans of thought provoking but heartfelt literary science fiction tales will enjoy Ages of Entanglement, written by local author Dr. Robert Jackson.
Jackson will be at the Auburn Public Library on Nov. 16 from 2 to 3 p.m. to discuss the book with interested readers. Through the story of an individual’s trek through a fallen world, the book explores the spiritual, psychological and scientific entanglement between humans, and if they should and can truly escape it.
Three decades have passed since a mysterious illness brought on by quantum entanglement suddenly decimated the human population. Quantum entanglement is a strange and counterintuitive phenomenon, even though it is scientifically proven. This connection between two materials allows for instantaneous control regardless of the distance between the materials. By harnessing quantum entanglement, mankind had tapped into a dangerous power able to alter the very matter of our existence. The story of the main character, Samson, explores the metaphorical relations between human connections and quantum entanglement.
Samson long ago gave up searching for his family and now wanders the earth with no purpose, while avoiding entanglement with other souls. But then he meets Selene—an orphaned, but strong and independent girl. She sees in him what he has forgotten. They journey together toward a utopian island merely rumored to exist. The only evidence is a brochure of the island’s lighthouse and a handwritten message. Along the way they meet others also seeking to overcome the obstacles of the age, but in their own ways. This includes a village aiming to rebuild the world, a ghostly ferryman who carries his passengers across a glassy lake; a rock star without an audience, and gladiators of devolved sporting events.
Will Samson help Selene to make her way in this dangerous world, and will she help him to find his lost humanity? Or is Samson already too far gone, a relic of the previous age?
In addition to being available at the library on Nov. 16, Ages of Entanglement is available at several local businesses such as 10,000 Hz Records in downtown Opelika and several online retailers, including Amazon.
Auburn Public Library is located at 749 E. Thach Ave.


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