Loachapoka’s Pioneer Park to hold Archaeology Road Show Saturday


Special to the Opelika Observer

On the Second Saturday in October, the Lee County Historical Society and Pioneer Park in Loachapoka will host its first ever Archaeology Road Show. You have heard of the Antiques Road Show hosted by PBS on television. Well, an Archaeology Road Show is a similar event with local archeologists identifying any very old artifacts you may have found or inherited. This free event is co-sponsored by the Alabama Archaeological Society (AAS) to celebrate international Archaeology week. Have you ever wondered how old that arrowhead or spear point is or who made them? Or if that old axe is really that old? This will be the time to find out. Several members of the AAS will be present for “Artifact Identification” from 9 am until noon. Archaeologists with expertise from Paleo-Indian through the Historic periods will be on hand to identify and classify artifacts (and maybe some collections). The public is invited to bring their artifacts for identification. Note-there will be no discussion of the value of artifacts other than their context and importance in representing the history of past cultures and people. Archaeologists do not place monetary values on artifacts. Some of the archaeologists’ present will be Craig Sheldon from AUM, Ned Jenkins from Fort Toulouse-Jackson, Meghan Buchanan from Auburn University, Kim Pyszka from AUM, Annie Blankenship from USDA-NRCS, and Teresa Paglione with AAS.
LCHS volunteers will also be getting ready for Pioneer Day. There will be folks preparing Brunswick stew on a open fire and gardeners working in the gardens. An authentic pioneer meal will be prepared in the Cook House for all to enjoy at noon. Pioneer Day volunteers are encouraged to come out and help prepare your venue. All the museums, buildings and gardens will be open and free to visitors and hosted by members of the Lee County Historical Society. This is a good time to visit before 10,000 other visitors appear for Pioneer Day (aka Syrup Soppin’ Day) the following Saturday. Pioneer Park is a living history museum reflecting activities that would have occurred on a 19th Century Alabama farm in East Alabama. Pioneer Park is sponsored by the Lee County Historical Society, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 1968 and dedicated to the preservation and presentation of local history. (http://www.leecountyhistoricalsociety.org/).


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