Listen Linda


Linda… Listen,
My daughter and I have opposing opinions about when to answer the phone and when it’s ok not to and we want to know what you think. I believe it’s better to answer the phone and tell the person I am in the middle of something and that I will return their call when I am done. Sometimes when I call my daughter, she doesn’t answer, and she doesn’t call me back for hours or sometimes even the next day.
When she does call me back, I find out that she was watching a movie or walking her dog and didn’t think my call was urgent enough to respond promptly. As her mother, if I don’t hear back, I start to worry, even though she’s in her 30’s and married with a family.
When my daughter calls me, and I say I’m in the middle of something and will call her back, she gets upset and says that I shouldn’t have even answered at all. Will you please help us settle this?
Annoyed in Opelika

Dear Annoyed in Opelika,
I think that for your daughter to keep you waiting many hours before she calls you back shows a lack of respect for you and your feelings especially if she “could” call you back much sooner. For you to obsess that something terrible could have happened is not necessary because, trust me, bad news (and good) travels faster than Speedy Gonzalez in Opelika! It could also be possible that you are calling your daughter too often, but you are the only one who can answer that question. Another suggestion that I have would be for both of you to text the other one if you can’t answer the phone right then. That way no one is left wondering if everything is alright. Good luck!



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