Letter to the Editor: The EPA’s new chief


Dear Editor,
This relates to the recent AP report that the new Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated: “the (agency’s) new chief . . . . does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming, a statement at odds with mainstream scientific consensus and his own agency.”
I don’t know of a single report appearing in a peer reviewed scientific journal that rejects carbon dioxide as a primary contributor to global warming.  Further, I am unaware, of any nation’s academy of sciences that rejects the fact that climate change is happening and the burning of fossil fuels by humans is largely to blame.
Also, the U.S. National Academies of Sciences reported in “Climate Change – Evidence, Impacts, and Choices” that, “In 1896, Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was the first to calculate the warming power of excess carbon dioxide (CO2).  From his calculations, Arrhenius predicted that if human activities increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere, a warming trend would result.”
If you would like to contact the EPA about this, you may have to send a letter or email, because the mailbox at 202-564-4700 is (at this writing) full and not accepting messages.
David Newton


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