Letter to the Editor: Thankful for Opelika


Dear Editor,
Three days before this past Christmas (2016) we came through Opelika on our way to South Carolina to spend Christmas. We were traveling on Highway 280-431and stopped at a Dollar General store at the edge of town. After shopping, I accidentally left my purse at the store. You see, I am 85 years old and am somewhat forgetful.
One of the dear employees at the store found my purse and turned it in to the store manager, who used my cell phone (left in the purse) directory to locate my daughter’s cell phone number and called. Fortunately my daughter was in the car with me. We were about 15 miles north of Opelika when we got the call about my purse.
When we retrieved the purse, nothing was missing, including my Christmas cash. The sweet employee who found it was not in the  store when I returned and I neglected to get her name, but I would like to thank her for her kindness and her honesty. I want her, the store manager and other store employees to know how grateful I am that there are still honest people in the world.
I have been sick or I would have written sooner.
Sincerely yours,
Helen H.Smith
Pearl River, Louisiana


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