Letter to the Editor: Response to Steve Flowers’ column: “Where Have All the Democrats Gone?”


Steve Flowers: Rip van Winkle or What Rock Have You Been Sleeping Under?
Your recent column falls into the category of “fake” news. You should not be just phoning in your columns but should do some actual verification of your statements. Democrats are alive and well, thank you very much. We are busy organizing campaigns for our candidates who are running against Republicans in statewide and local offices, house, senate, as well as U.S. Congressional campaigns.
If you are not able to check on the most current certified candidates, please let me know and I’ll walk you through it.
Governor: 6 Democrats
Lt. Governor: 1 Democrat
Attny. General: 2 Democrats
Sec. of State: 2 Democrats
State Auditor: 1 Democrat
AL Supreme Court: 2 Democrats
US House (1): 2 Democrats
US House (2): 2 Democrats
US House (3): 2 Democrats
US House (4): 2 Democrats
US House (5): 1 Democrat
US House (6): 1 Democrat
US House (7): 1 Democrat
AL Senate: Democrats are running in 24 of 35 Districts, including against Marsh and McClendon
AL House: Democrats are running in 74 of 104 Districts
We do not expect to win in all of these races but we are assured to win a good number of them. The GOP have taken Alabama for granted for too long. Democrats will VOTE them out and begin again to serve the people of Alabama rather than special interests. We’ve had ENOUGH!!
I’ll be looking for your “Correction” column.
Karen Barwick
Pell City, Alabama


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