Letter to the Editor: Protecting our flag


Dear Editor,
Along the line of making America Great again, we need to do something  about protecting our national  ensign, Old Glory, our flag, the one so many have given their all for, fighting to keep it flying over the land of the free and home of the brave.
That flag, carried by our soldiers on  foreign  battle fields and flying from the  mast of our ships at sea, on public buildings, and  many private homes identifies us,  and has since  the founding of our nation. It has draped the caskets  of our military in honor of those who served so that it could continue to fly.
So why do  we as patriots, tolerate  the desecration and dishonor of  that proud ensign, which we honor with our pledge of allegiance?. The law of  our land considers it part of free speech, protected  by our constitution, the ability to dishonor, desecrate and burn it, but is that right?. I  don’t think so  and I don’t think the majority of American patriots  would think so either.
Growing up in  rural  Alabama, I  learned  early  on about honor. You didn’t sass  your grandmother, or any  other adult for that matter. It wasn’t illegal to do so, just  something you did at your peril. If you had the proper upbringing, there are some things you just don’t do. Just because it’s legal doesn’t always mean it’s right.
Burning  or desecrating our flag is  just plain low down, wrong and an insult to  us and  our  country. I see no connection  to our right to freedom of speech, then I’m not a lawyer. But I know right from wrong.  Desecration of our flag to me is closer to treason than freedom of speech.
Our  president elect is on our side, hopefully  his supreme court appointments will see fit to revisit the issue if challenged, or he will work with our congress  to amend our constitution and make it a crime to desecrate that old flag that means so much to us.
Slaton Crawford
Auburn AL


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