Letter to the editor: Mike Rogers is out of touch with Alabamians


Dear Editor,  Rep. Mike Rogers is Grossly out of touch with Alabama. At a time when a majority of Alabamians are deeply concerned about  just what this congress and next president will end up doing with our healthcare, Rogers’ latest press release is “Report from Washington: New Opportunity to Protect the Rights of the Unborn”, dated Jan. 11, 2017.   He parrots his love for the unborn while ignoring the pain and suffering of those of us living with the possibility of substandard or no healthcare.   The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of people and saved thousands of lives across Alabama. Nearly 200,000 Alabamians have gained insurance through the ACA, and the vast majority of them receive tax credits to make their coverage more affordable. About 2 million Alabamians have pre-existing conditions that would have made it hard or impossible for them to get full coverage before the ACA lifted coverage caps and guaranteed their access to insurance. And the ACA has significantly reduced the number of uninsured young Alabamians by allowing 35,000 of them to remain on their parents’ plans until age 26. Just where is your concern, Mike Rogers?  Is this all you’ve got? Sincerely,  Karen Barwick Pell City, Alabama


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